Sonic ATG SDK Markets

Sonic's AuthorScript®, CinePlayer®, and PX™ SDK lines provide powerful and reliable media creation, burning, archiving, and playback solutions for a wide variety of business and entertainment needs. Whether you are an applications developer or a services provider, Sonic ATG SDKs can help you maximize the potential business benefits of digital media, supporting and extending your business with field-proven technology that is designed for rapid, trouble-free integration.

The following table illustrates the breadth of the markets we serve as well as specific products that apply to those markets.

Market SDK Solution
High Definition Interactive Presentations (Blu-ray Disc) AuthorScript Video, CinePlayer
Automotive CinePlayer
CE Set-tops CinePlayer
CE Mobile CinePlayer
Medical Imaging AuthorScript Video, AuthorScript Storage
Medical Records AuthorScript Storage
Banking, Insurance, Business AuthorScript Storage
Government/Institutional Data AuthorScript Storage
Government/Corporate Communications AuthorScript Video, AuthorScript Storage, CinePlayer
Military/Law Enforcement AuthorScript Video, AuthorScript Storage, CinePlayer
Disc Authoring and Replication AuthorScript Video
Videography and Multimedia AuthorScript Video
Video Editing and Post AuthorScript Video
Point-of-purchase Kiosks AuthorScript Audio, AuthorScript Video
Online Media AuthorScript Audio, AuthorScript Video