AuthorScript SDKs

Sonic's AuthorScript family of SDKs provides powerful, field-proven media-handling functionality for a broad range of application software, consumer electronics devices, and online services. AuthorScript SDKs enable application developers and service providers to:

  • Take full advantage of today's latest media technologies without the time and expense of extensive in-house development.
  • Quickly enhance and extend products and services with full-spectrum media capabilites: authoring, recording, burning, and archiving.
  • Leverage the same ultra-reliable authoring and burning technology used in Sonic's own commercial products, which have been used to create billions of commercially-released DVDs worldwide.

AuthorScript for Blu-ray and SD Video

Blu-ray Disc and DVD offer significant benefits for everyone who creates, uses, and stores video and image content, from high-end video professionals to image-intensive businesses and camera-toting consumers. Sonic's AuthorScript Video SDKs offer a set of powerful components that let you build these advantages right into your product or service:

  • AuthorScript Video BD - author high definition content to fully specification-compliant Blu-ray Disc (BDMV), including both HDMV and BD-J, as well as to AVCHD.
  • AuthorScript Video SD - author standard definition content to DVD-Video, with support as well for legacy VCD and SVCD formats.
  • AuthorScript Video RT - record in real time directly to the Blu-ray Disc (BDAV), DVD+VR, and DVD-VR formats.

AuthorScript for Data and Audio

Sonic's AuthorScript Storage and AuthorScript Audio SDKs bring the power and reliability of Sonic's AuthorScript engine to recording and archiving systems for BD, DVD, and CD media. With comprehensive device control and file management capabilities, these SDKs are ideally suited to a wide range of data management and storage applications.

AuthorScript Storage SDKs provide scalable, real-time (streaming) and file-based transfer and copying capabilities for:

  • Professional data archiving environments where high reliability and uptime are of paramount concern.
  • Settings involving high volumes of generic data.
  • High-value applications such as large-scale medical imaging.
  • Personal-use data transfer and burning.

AuthorScript Audio SDKs offer advanced features optimized for audio-specific applications while also handling transfer and burning for generic data. Audio features include:

  • Management of audio files and tracks.
  • Audio track extraction.
  • Support for Windows Media Audio features such as Playlists and Digital Rights Management (DRM).
  • Industrial-strength design for commercial applications such as online music downloads and point-of-purchase music kiosks.

Industry-leading Solutions

With a history of innovative products dating back to the early days of the Compact Disc, Sonic technology is highly regarded in all areas of the optical disc industry:

  • AuthorScript SDKs have been licensed by a wide variety of companies including industry leaders such as Microsoft, Adobe, Avid, AOL/Time Warner, and Sony.
  • Sonic's AuthorScript-based DVD applications, including MyDVD®, DVDit!™, and RecordNow!™, are bundled by major OEMs such as Adaptec, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, Matrox, Memorex, Nova, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Sony, ViewSonic, and many others.