How to Edit GoPro Videos: A Guide to GoPro Editing Best Practices

GoPro is arguably one of the best cameras in the market right now. However, like with other cameras, you can easily edit your GoPro videos to your liking. Video editing allows you to make the right adjustments and add the best features which make our videos more interesting as you share them with your audience.

So if you have a GoPro camera and would like to know how to edit the videos, read on to learn the best practices to use. 

Ways to edit GoPro videos

You can edit the videos in two main methods:

  1. Use the mobile editors
  2. Transfer the footage to a PC

Mobile editors

Multiple editing tools are available for both iOS and Android users. The first one is the GoPro App, which you can easily access via your iOS or Android device. You should first download the app from your App Store, install it and then start the editing process. 

This is the most basic editing method and you may not gain access to many features. Besides the GoPro App, you can access other advanced mobile editors from the App Store to add the desired effects to your GoPro video.

Transfer the footage to your PC

Mobile editors have come a long way, but the desktop editing packages provide a better solution. If you need to edit using your computer, you can transfer the footage into the computer first to access the photos.

You can either share the videos by using a USB card reader from the camera to the computer or by removing the camera's SD card. You can also use the cloud storage option when using the modern GoPro cameras to avoid the transfer process.

As you move the videos, you should also ensure that you have a PC compatible video editor which you will use for your editing. Also check that your video editor can work with your GoPro’s video format.

The basic practices for editing GoPro video

Here is a simple guide of the steps to adhere to when editing your GoPro videos to save time and enjoy the best results:

Ensure that you have the editing software

The first step is to ensure that you have any of the above-discussed editing tools. There are many GoPro editing tools on the App Store; hence, you can always choose the best for your specific needs.

Highlight the best parts of your videos

You may have recorded a two-hour-long video, but you only want a one minute video highlighting the best moments. For this reason, you will first need to highlight the most exciting parts and remove the rest. You can use the trim, crop or cut features of the video editor to get rid of the specific aspects of the videos which you don't want.

Add effects to improve the visibility of the camera

Filters can make your GoPro video look more spectacular. However, not all video parts require the use of filters because some filters reduce the visibility or the appeal of the video. You should know the exact filters to use or try them out before choosing any.

Adjust the audio settings

When editing your GoPro videos, you may need to change the audio resolution when the current one is not adequate. The adjustments are pretty simple; hence, you can easily catch up even if you are a beginner.

Speed up or slow down the video

Sometimes, you may need to speed up the video or slow it down before sharing it on your social media platforms. Your PC editor offers all those features to meet your needs. To speed the video, you should use the options 1.5x, 2x, etc., while for the slow motion, you should playback the footage onto your desired percentage.

Whatever changes you make, you should remember to click on the 'save' option.

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