YouTube Video Equipment: The Complete Guide

Starting your own YouTube channel entails more than taking a quick video with your phone and uploading it. When posting and sharing videos, you want them to have high-quality visuals along with top-tier audio so that viewers can easily follow along. Having the right equipment to make YouTube videos can go a long way when it comes to turning passing viewers into long-term subscribers. Some of the most well-known influencers on YouTube don't have a super crafty set up, they simply know what kind of video they're making and what kind of equipment they need in order to do so. 

How to choose YouTube video equipment

The first thing you can do when deciphering which is the best recording equipment for making YouTube videos is to determine what type of videos you're planning to post. For example, are you going to be outdoors where you're in a fast-paced environment? Many influencers utilize GoPro equipment for super adventurous filming where they may be moving around a lot.  

Another great example is a slideshow or tutorial video. For these styles, you'll want high audio and visual quality, along with editing software to ensure the video is seamless. The style and type of video you're making will drastically change the video equipment you should use. 

You may be curious about what video equipment do YouTubers use, and the truth is that it varies. However, regardless of their filming processes, they all use high-end editing software to align their visuals with their audio. Viewers want an enjoyable, easy to comprehend experience and that's why it's so important that you have the right equipment and software to capture, edit, cut, and convert your videos.

Choosing the right software

When looking for equipment that provides you with full control over the final released product, you can find great success in the software you choose to use. If you're just starting out, you'll want to break the video process up into categories. From production equipment, such as lighting, tripods, external microphones, and more — you'll want to outline what you'll need to film your video. From there, it's all about the software you need when editing. 

With the right editing software, you can scale your videos, screen record, utilize noise reduction features to prevent distractions, and so much more. Editing software is often seen as the "non-essential" or "lackluster" friend from the outside of the recording process, but in truth it's the most important friend in the entire process. When editing videos, you don't want to download a random app and throw some effects together, otherwise, the quality of your content may be perceived as poor quality or rushed. 

Selecting the software for your video editing needs is what will make your channel stand out and appear professional compared to the competition. A few tips you may want to use when choosing your software:

  • Don't go with the first item on sale - do your research and read reviews.
  • Compare the menus and chapters the software allows.
  • Check for tutorials.
  • Review the conversion rates and formats you can convert to.
  • Check the capabilities and features included from day one. Some software programs will offer the very basics of editing features but upcharge you for access to the full program's capabilities.


Selecting editing equipment can feel a little stressful with all of the options out there. Fortunately, if you spend a little time researching you can find great software like Roxio to meet all of your YouTube editing needs. Remember, determine and outline the type of videos you're going to be creating, use that info to check which software offers the features you need, and check to see if your purchase will be all-inclusive or if you'll have to pay more for full access down the road. 

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