Video Podcast Equipment: A Guide to Choosing Best Video Podcast Equipment

The popularity of video podcasting is growing by the day, thanks to how it redefines the way people consume content. The visual experience that video podcasts offer makes it an easy way to capture the attention of a target audience. As a podcaster, your priority should be to have the best video podcast equipment as it makes all the difference in your output.

Why is it essential to have the right video podcast equipment?

Studies show that video podcasting is growing so fast that it is a niche whose impacts can no longer be ignored. In the United States alone, it is estimated that by 2022 the viewership of podcasts will have grown by over 132 million. 

Well, numbers do not lie, and if you are still unsure on whether you need quality video podcast equipment, here are the reasons to go pro:

  • Quality video output does not happen by accident or chance
  • Viewers detest poor quality video content
  • Your competitors are going full professional
  • We are in an age where 4K resolution is not the ultimate milestone

If you do not want to be the wannabe podcaster who could not keep up with the industry's standards, it is time to put your best foot forward.

How to choose video podcast equipment

Regardless of whether you are a seasoned podcaster or newbie, choosing the equipment needed for a video podcast can be overwhelming. To avoid making costly mistakes, you will want to follow these simple steps:

Determine the type of video podcasts you will be creating

There are different types of video podcasts, and each comes with special requirements.

For example, if you will be running an educational podcast, you will require a simpler setup than a podcaster running interviews or storytelling podcasts. 

Therefore, the first step to choosing a video podcast equipment setup that works for you is determining the type of podcasts you will be creating. 

Know where you will be recording

Will you be recording your video podcasts in a studio-like setting or out in the field?

Generally, even if you do not have a furnished studio but will be recording indoors, you will have better control over several elements. These include lighting, noise, background disturbances, and audio quality, among other factors. 

As such, if you will be shooting your videos out in the field, you will need more equipment such as a windshield for your microphones, stabilizers for your camera, and noise reduction software. 

Remember, you need to edit your video podcast

Video editing is akin to the brush strokes that make a classic piece different from any other art piece. It is the defining phase of how great your video and audio content will be before publication for your audience.

Smart podcasters know that you cannot forget about editing software when looking for the best equipment for video podcasting. More often than not, the editing makes the difference between an average video podcast and a perfect podcast that will attract more viewers.

This is where New Roxio Creator NXT comes to the rescue as it provides you with an all-in-one multimedia suite. This software will transform your podcasts as it allows you to; capture and edit video, convert and share audio and video formats, and improve the sound quality of your audio, among other features.


The search for the best video podcast equipment for your setup should not be a moment of wild guessing. Instead, it needs to be a well-guided venture that does not leave you with lots of expensive and unnecessary equipment that does not add value to your podcasts.

On the brighter side, with advancing technology, you can easily create professional-level video podcasts by having the right gear. This is why you need to prioritize having powerful video editing software like the New Roxio Creator NXT  that will enable you to give your viewers the ultimate experience.

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