Music Video Equipment: a Guide to Choosing Best Music Video Equipment

So, you are passionate about creating music videos? Good! But have you decided on what type of camera or microphone to use, where and what will you record, what about the lighting? Editing?

Every video creator has a process based on their budget, goals and styles. Some want that high-quality video, while others want something super fast and quick so long as they have numerous uploads. Shooting music videos can be exciting, but also it can be intimidating, especially if you do not have the right equipment. Let us explore together the various pieces of essential equipment that can help you produce and edit your videos easily.

Why is it important to have the right equipment?

Music videos are unique and more stylish than other types of videos. A music video production involves shooting at numerous dynamic angles and making quick cuts to entertain the viewers. With that, there are some critical pieces of equipment that are required if you want to make a video that will break the internet and provide real credibility for your music career.

How to choose music video equipment

Most of the equipment used in regular video production can be used for shooting music videos. Read on to learn more about the essential equipment and how to choose them:

Music Video Cameras

The quality of your video will depend on your shooting skills and the type of camera that you are using. You must be conversant with camera tricks like taking different shot sizes, camera angles, camera movement and composition. While producing music videos, it is wise to have multiple cameras to capture different angles. The most used cameras are camcorders, cinema cameras, point and action cameras, and DSLR.

For consistency, you can use the same type of camera for each shot. Each camera has its own price, with the most sophisticated ones being the most expensive. Nowadays, it is easy to purchase an inexpensive camera that can record 4K videos. Also, we have affordable phones with good cameras, and they can be a good option if your budget is tight.

Music video lighting equipment

Whether shooting videos or taking pictures, good lighting never disappoints. You can decide to use natural daylight while shooting outdoors during the day or shoot in a closed set with carefully composed lighting.

The high-end cameras will require little external light to capture quality footage. An example of a good lighting set is the three-point lighting system which comprises fill light, key light and backlight.

Music player

In most cases, artists lip-sync while shooting a music video, which means that it is vital to have a music player. You can use your phone or tablet as a music player. To enhance the music, you can use portable Bluetooth devices.


A good pair of headsets will help you monitor music sound while shooting. Headphones highly come in handy during a live performance as they help gauge sound quality and consistency. The best headphones to use are those with noise cancellation features.

Multi-cam software

You will need reliable video editing software after you have finished shooting your music video. Having software with the ability to record multiple cameras simultaneously is an added advantage.

Multi-cam software like Roxio Creator makes it easy to organize footage from different cameras. The software has many great features that enable you to both record and combine footage from up to two video streams. You can also easily switch between the angles while using the Multi-Camera editor.


Music videos are one of the best tools that help you be recognized quickly as a musician. Therefore, you need to produce a top-notch video. With excellent shooting skills and all this equipment, you will be able to shoot an impressive video.  

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