Green Screen Software: A Guide to Choosing the Best One

No matter what type of film project you're working on, the ability to use a green screen to add animation and other effects allows you to take your work to the next level. That's why green screen software isn't just for the creators of blockbuster movies but is also an affordable option for green screen-loving YouTubers as well.

What is green screen software?

In the film industry, green screen software is frequently referred to as chroma key software. The software's purpose is to isolate and remove the green color from your screen and replace it with the color/image you want for the final product.

When you're ready to use the green screen software to edit your film, you'll click on the "Chroma Key" icon. Clicking the icon and choose the green color instantly removes any green color from the screen, allowing you to insert the desired animation. 

A good green screen editing software program allows you to create a high-quality film that will blow your audience away.

How to choose the best software

The first thing you need to think about when selecting the best green screen software for you is your operating system. Some programs will work with any operating system while others will only work with specific systems. Not only do you want to consider your current operating system, but you also need to consider if you plan on updating in the future. Choose the software program that will provide you with several years of green screen editing, even after you've upgraded your computer system.

Few of us are in a position where we can't afford to think about the cost of green screen editor software. The good news is that you can usually find software that will fit every budget. 

While there free green screen editing software is available, it probably isn't your best choice. Most versions of the free software are glitchy, don't have all the features needed to effectively edit your film, or simply fail to create the high-quality final product you crave. It is in your best interest to decide exactly how much you can afford to spend on green screen editing software and to figure out what elements/tools you can't live without and shop for software programs that meet both requirements.

Yes, it's tempting to purchase the elaborate green screen editing software program you can find, but before you do, ask yourself if you're really ready for the program. Some green screen editing programs are extremely elaborate. While these great pieces of software are wonderful, many beginners, particularly beginners who don't have an experienced mentor they can turn to, find themselves overwhelmed. They struggle to understand all the different features and ultimately get discouraged and stop using green screens in their projects. 

Look for a green screen editing program that you can easily learn. You'll be surprised by how much use you get out of a simple but good quality software program that is easily learned. It's reasonable to assume you'll get years of use out of the program before you feel a strong need to upgrade. You should also try to stick to editing programs that come with clear instructions and tutorial videos. 

Choosing a great green screen editing program is just one aspect of getting the most out of your green screen. You also have to learn how to use the program. Before tackling a project, watch some tutorials and explore the software. Taking the time to really learn what each of the features not only reduces the amount of frustration you experience once you're ready to dive into editing your film but will also provide you with some additional inspiration.

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