GoPro Video Stabilization: Stabilizing GoPro Video During and After Recording

GoPro enables us to capture high-quality videos and film anywhere. It is, however, challenging to capture stable footage when engaging in extreme activities like skydiving, rock climbing, surfing, skating, and motocross. The footage captured in these situations might appear shaky, and you may need to stabilize it. Luckily, there are GoPro video stabilization techniques that you can use during and after production to stabilize shaky footage and create a perfect video.

Let us explore together the different ways of stabilizing your GoPro videos during and after production.

How to stabilize footage during filming

The following are some of the ways that you can stabilize GoPro footage during the production phase.

Use the built-in GoPro Stabilizer

GoPro has included in-camera electronic stabilization in their latest models, GoPro Hero session video stabilization. The technology combines advanced scene analysis with a rolling shutter correction algorithm to correct shaky footage and create stable footage.

However, the application is not fit for everyone as it does not always work, or sometimes the footage may still come out jerky.

Other stabilization equipment

There are some recording equipment that you can buy to support your GoPro and they include:

  • Monopods
  • Tripods
  • Mouthpieces and chin mounts
  • Poles

Adjust your body posture

Instead of investing in stabilization equipment, you can improve your body posture while filming. To maintain a steady body posture while filming, you can keep your body in an upright position and avoid bending. If you maintain this posture, you will notice that your video will improve in terms of stability.

Another way to stabilize your footage without using any equipment is by keeping the GoPro camera near your face while filming. It is easy to keep your head in a steady position, and through this, you can capture stable footage.

Customize a stabilization rig

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome! It is possible to build your stabilization equipment for your GoPro camera. For example, you will only need a paper, plastic coffee cup, box cutter, or scissors to customize a homemade iPhone stand in 30 seconds!

Stabilization rigs help your camera remain in a steady position at all times while recording. This is handy, especially if you cannot access other stabilization equipment or cannot maintain a stable posture.

How to stabilize GoPro video after recording

After filming, you can stabilize a shaky video by using video stabilizer software GoPro. Read on to learn about GoPro studio video stabilization software and other editing software.

Choose the right editing software

One of the essential things after filming is choosing the right editing software. Besides the GoPro Studio video stabilization features, there is other editing software that you can use. Roxio Creator VideoWave software provides easy-to-use tools for video stabilization, video rotation and has numerous video effects. The software is perfect for correcting shaky handheld videos, in-motion videos, or portrait videos.

The benefits of having the right editing software makes stabilization easy and well-organized. The software also allows you to make any modifications and edits to the footage until you are satisfied. It is vital to remember that you might encounter challenges while stabilizing shaky footage in post-production and there is even a possibility of losing the video quality in the process.


The above techniques can be helpful when trying to eliminate shaky footage from your GoPro videos. GoPro video stabilization helps improve your videos and also enables you to capture your life experiences in a simple way.

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