Roxio Easy LP to MP3

Convert LPs & Cassettes to MP3, CD and portable players

List Price:$69.99

Your Price: $49.99

Bonus: includes Roxio Audio Capture USB and Complete Cable Kit

Record from LPs and tapes to WAV, MP3, WMA, Audio CD or MP3 CD  
Complete cable kit included  
Automatically split and name tracks  
Remove clicks, pops, hissing and other unwanted noise  
Add special effects (fade-in/out, digital hall and more)  
Enhance with 10-channel graphic equalizer  
Enjoy your classic audio on MP3 players, iTunes®, iPhone™, iPod® or CDs  
CD label and jewel case designer included  
Mini jack male to RCA female stereo adapter  
15-foot shielded RCA male to RCA male stereo cable  
3-foot USB cable  
RCA female to RCA female stereo adapter  
Roxio Audio Capture USB device