Video Shrinker: How to Shrink Video File Size

You have likely found yourself recording videos and wanting to send them to people. While a short video is typically not too challenging to send via text or email, longer videos become a problem. Once you have a longer video, especially one of high quality, it can be difficult to send it. That's where a video shrinker comes into play.

What is a video shrinker?

A video shrinker, otherwise known as a video compressor, is an application that makes your file size smaller. When you compress your video, there a few main things that happen to it. 


When you talk about resolution, you will often hear numbers like 720p, 1080p, and 4K. The numbers are referencing the length and width of videos in terms of their pixels. The "p" stands for progressive. For example, if you are running 1080p, this means that when your screen refreshes, there are 1,080 lines of pixels appearing on your screen.

With that in mind, one way a video can be shrunk or compressed to lower its resolution. Depending on how the video is being used, the resolution doesn't need to be super high. For instance, if people will mostly view your video on a small screen like their phone, 720p will work fine.


Basically, codecs are algorithms used to most efficiently compress your video. There are several methods, or codecs, that can be used to compress a video. When your video is being compressed, codecs are applied to it through the software you are using. All you really need to know is that some codecs compress better than others. The standard codec is H264. It maintains your image quality while still reducing the size of your video. It also changes the file to a .mp4, which is the standard video file type.

Bit Rate

Bit rates are similar to resolution in that the higher your bit rate number, the higher the quality of the video. However, it also means you are going to have a larger video file. In simple terms, bit rates measure how much data is being shown at one time. So, if your video has many fast-moving objects or people, a lower bit rate can make the movements look choppy and too digitalized. The higher your bit rate, the smoother your video will show movement.

Why to shrink video files

It's a common activity to create videos, but the problem comes when you want to share the video. Often, a video file is too large to share either via text or email. In this case, you need to make the file size smaller. This is also known as shrinking. There are applications out there that can shrink your video for you, so you can send it however you want.

How to choose a video shrinker

Roxio Creator is an application that offers many video editing capabilities. One of those capabilities is the ability to shrink video size. Here are some other things Roxio Creator can do for you:

  • Burn CD's/DVDs
  • Convert audio and video files
  • Photo and video editing
  • VHS to DVD converter
  • Edit and enhance videos

Those are just a few of the things Roxio Creator can do for you. With all those options, plus the ability to shrink your video size, it's a great product to use.


It's a common occurrence to have a long video that you want to send to someone. It is easy to take your video and shrink it to a smaller file size to make it available for sending. Roxio Creator can help you shrink your video and give you many other video editing capabilities.

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