Instagram Slideshow: How to Make a Slideshow for Instagram

The Instagram slideshow feature has opened a world of many possibilities to both individuals and businesses. From fashion to farming, Instagram users can now post their favorite pictures or videos in one slide without necessarily spamming followers with multiple postings.

The multiple slides are known as carousel, and they can be viewed by simply clicking or swiping left. Currently, the maximum limit for the Instagram slides is ten photos and videos, and each photo or video can have a unique caption. Not only that, every image in the carousel can have alt-image text, hashtags, and unique filters!

If you are new to Instagram or would like to use the slideshow feature for the first time, this guide is for you. Read on to know more about the carousel and how you can use it.

How to create an Instagram slideshow

When creating an Instagram slideshow, you need to have a good concept. Why do you need to use the slideshow instead of the usual regular post, an Instagram story or just a collage post? 

With the correct answer to the above question, you will most likely develop a good sketch of what you need. Also, you can decide on how many photos/videos you will include on the slideshow, and maybe, the type of effect that you will use to introduce the photos. 

After planning everything, you can follow this simple step to add images to an Instagram slideshow:

  1. Add the images you would like to use to your photo library
  2. Open the Instagram application on your device and click the Add(+) icon
  3. Click on the layered square button which appears on the left-lower side of your Instagram
  4. The square button will direct you to your photo library, whereby you can choose the best photos/videos to add
  5. Click on the 'next' option
  6. Add filters, captions, hashtags or any other features which you would like to add to the individual images
  7. Double-check if everything is okay before posting, and then click 'share.'

Note: all the images you add to the slideshow should be of the same size. You should therefore ensure that some pictures are not vertical and others horizontally oriented.

Creative ways to use the Instagram slideshow

Now that you know how to add multiple slides to your Instagram, it's crucial that you don't misuse the slideshows. Here are creative ways to use your Instagram slides:

1. Create the before and after sequences

Your followers can find your Instagram slideshow irresistible to view if you have arranged the images in a sequence. For instance, assuming that you are posting pictures/videos for a home makeover, you should start with the before photos and then finish the slideshow with the most recent ones. The sequence order ensures that your followers view the thread to the end.

2. Show off your events

It's annoying to scroll through another person's Instagram page and find similar images all over! If you just had an event such as a wedding or birthday party, you can add similar images to a slideshow to not spam your followers with the same pictures.

3. Share a surprise reveal

Instagram is one of the best places to share your surprise reveal with your fans. If you have been working on something and you need to reveal it, you can utilize the slideshow features to show everything, but make sure that the last post has the big reveal!

Edit your photo well before using Instagram slideshow

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