How to Add Music to a Slideshow: The Ultimate Guide

Slideshows are a fantastic way of presenting information to an audience. Whether it is an important business project, online advertisement, or social event such as weddings, slideshows always suit the moment.

Nevertheless, it is never enough to have written content or photos packed into slides for your presentation. Impressions matter, and to have a bigger impact on a target audience, it is best to know how to add music to a slideshow.

Why you should add music to your slideshows

A great visual presentation is enticing, but music makes it extra captivating. This is because it draws attention and keeps your audience absorbed in the details. 

In turn, learning how to add music to a picture slideshow should be a priority as it is a result-guaranteed way to enhance viewer engagement. The odds are higher if you seek to create social media content, make a virtual presentation, or come up with a yearbook.

An easy way to make a slideshow with music

How long do you spend creating a slideshow?

Is it a project that takes an entire day or more to complete?

This should not be the case in this digital age when you can do so much with a few clicks of a button. The new way of creating slideshows is by relying on slideshow maker software that provides everything you need on a simple interface.

Roxio Creator NXT family, which consists of NXT and NXT Pro, is the best slideshow maker software you can ever rely on for creating professionally customized video and picture slideshows. This software allows you to do more through its features, namely:

Highlight Reel

Do you love perfection? Then you will love Roxio's Highlight Reel feature as it allows you to leverage artificial intelligence and facial recognition to create better quality slideshows.

This feature works by allowing you only to use your best shots and clips to create a slideshow. It automatically flags photos and videos with imperfections allowing you to create elegant slideshows in a few minutes.

Corel FastFlick

Are you wondering how do you add music to a photo slideshow? Corel FastFlick makes this possible by allowing you to create photo slideshows using a simple drag-and-drop option and then adding music to the slideshow. The best part is that you get to do all these in three easy steps, and these are;

1. Select a template

Choose a suitable template from the many options provided in the software library.

2. Add your media

For your photos, simply drag and drop them to create a slideshow. You can then add music to the slideshow by clicking on the “Add background audio” button and choosing “Add Audio Track” or “Add SmartSound Audio” option.

Note: The “Add Audio Track” option allows you to choose music from your library and add it to the slideshow. On the other hand, the “Add SmartSound Audio” option allows you to make cool soundtracks from internet sources and the software music library.

3. Make the desired edits

Since your slideshow contains an audio file, it is important to ensure you have the right transition style and that the music fits the slide duration. For a perfect transition, click on the “transition style” button and choose from the available options until you find a suitable fit.

You can also alter the slide duration under the “set the slide duration” option. However, a simpler way to fit your slide duration to the audio is by clicking on the “Fit to Audio” option. This will automatically match your audio and slide duration for a perfect slideshow.

Finally, you can further polish your slideshow using the advanced editing options available in Roxio's VideoWave for a more professional touch on your creation.

Enhance your slideshows the easy way

If you have been asking yourself how I can add music to a slideshow, then you do not have to worry anymore. Adding music to your slideshow does not have to be complicated. Roxio Creator NXT makes this a breeze by giving you a complete creativity suite for creating and editing slideshows with music.

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