How to Screen Record with Sound: the Complete Guide

Nowadays, it is common to want to capture your computer's screen. You could do this to demonstrate to others how to perform a particular task or for recreational purposes, such as capturing your gameplay to share on Twitch or YouTube. This post will help you find out the tools you need to screen record with sound and how to go about it. 

How to screen record with sound

Can you screen record with sound? Yes, it is, in fact, quite easy. You can either use your computer's built-in screen record feature or download an appropriate tool or software application to streamline the process. The screen recording process will then depend on your device or the software you go for. 

How to screen record on Mac 

MacOS Mojave and all later versions have a built-in screen recording feature that is easy to use. Follow these steps to screen record with sound on your Mac: 

  1. Press a combination of "Command," "Shift," and "5"
  2. Choose whether you would like to capture the whole screen, one window, or a particular selection. If you don't specify, it will automatically begin to record the whole screen  
  3. After you finish, click "Stop" to terminate the recording process
  4. The screen record clip will appear at the bottom right-hand corner of your computer's screen as a thumbnail. Clicking it will allow you to choose where you would like to save it

Using QuickTime to screen record on Mac

Another way to screen record on Mac is with the use of QuickTime, which is native to MacOS. Follow the steps below when using QuickTime: 

  • Launch QuickTime 
  • Go to "File" and select "New Screen Recording"
  • Click the red "Record" button to begin the screen record process 
  • Once you are done, click "File" and then "Save" 

How to screen record on Windows 

Computers using Windows OS do not have a built-in screen record feature, as is the case with Macs. The simplest way to screen record when using such a computer is with the use of PowerPoint. Follow these steps to do so: 

  1. Launch PowerPoint
  2. Click the "Insert" tab and choose "Screen Recording"
  3. Choose the region of your screen that you intend to record. You want to record the whole screen, press a combination of the "Windows," "Shift," and "F" keys
  4. Click "Record" to start screen recording, or alternatively, press a combination of the "Windows," "Shift," and "R" keys
  5. Click "Stop" when you are done to stop the recording 
  6. When saving, you can specify that it is a video file separate from the PowerPoint presentation 

Screen recording Windows 10 (The Xbox App)

Microsoft offers a screen record feature for games on the Xbox game bar. However, it is possible to use the feature for any of your screen recordings. Follow these steps to screen record using the Xbox app on Windows 10: 

  1. Go to your Windows 10 search bar and type "Xbox"
  2. Open the Xbox app from the search results 
  3. Press a combination of the "Windows” and “G" keys
  4. When prompted, click "Yes, this is a Game"
  5. To begin screen recording, click the record icon or a combination of the "Windows," "Alt," and "R" keys
  6. When you are finished, click the stop icon

How to choose a screen record with sound

When you need to screen record with sound and produce professional clips, it is more advisable to use dedicated software like Roxio. Roxio allows you to capture videos and edit them using its fast and easy-to-use tools. You can adjust the video quality as you record and rewind or fast-forward the videos if you only need to capture certain segments. You can also preview and trim the videos after you have finished recording to ensure that you are pleased with the end results of your work. 

Does screen recording record sound? Yes, it does. However, you need to use appropriate software to get the best results. On most occasions, you will get basic screen recordings from your computer's built-in apps. However, you can use superior software like Roxio to screen record with sound and use fast and easy tools to edit your clips. 

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