How Long Can You Screen Record: the Complete Guide

Have you ever had something on your computer that you wanted to record to show someone else? Perhaps you are trying to show someone how to set up an email account. You know they would benefit from seeing the steps in front of them rather than just being told, but you can't physically be there to show them. Or maybe they want the option to be able to follow the process more than once. This is a great application for a screen recording.

How long can you screen record?

Depending on the application you are using, the duration of a screen recording varies. There are also multiple other factors when it comes to completing a screen recording.

Depending on how much space you have available on the device you are recording on, it will limit the length of your video. However, length is not the only thing that determines the size of your video. If you are recording in a high resolution, the video file size will be much larger. Consider the difference in quality from a handheld camera from ten years ago and the quality the newest iPhone can achieve. You will see much better quality on the iPhone, but that will also cause the file size to be much larger.

Any screen recording on a modern device is going to have a decent resolution, so that is something to keep in mind when you are screen recording. Consider how graphics-heavy what you are recording is and how long it will be. Those two factors will determine the video size, and you will only be able to save it to your device if you have enough storage space.

Editing for conciseness

With the above factors in mind, it is important to make sure you edit your video to only include what is truly needed. In terms of storage space on your device, a few seconds can make a difference. If you feel you wasted time on your recording, it would be a good idea to do it again to get it shorter.  You also want to ensure you do not have anything extraneous in your video. If it is not related to what you are trying to portray, then it needs to go.

There are a couple of other reasons you should keep your video on the shorter side. The longer your video is, the longer it will take to upload it. Let's say you are uploading it to Google Drive. A two-minute video is going to upload much faster than a ten-minute video. Another reason to be concise with your video is to keep people's attention. The longer a video is, the more likely you are to lose people's interest. It is better to create a series of short videos rather than one long video.

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Screen recording can be a great way to show something off on the computer, especially if you aren't physically around to show someone. It also has the benefit that someone can watch it again and again until they totally understand it. You are limited in how long you can screen record based on the amount of storage space you have on your device. The length and resolution of the video are the two biggest contributors to file size.

It is essential that you are concise in your video. You should only include things that are applicable to what you are trying to portray. This will help keep the file size down and will help the person watching your video stay interested. Remember, short groups of videos are better than one long video.

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