How to Make Let's Play Videos: The Complete Guide

There are many video games out in the world today. They have been coming out for decades and show no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Unfortunately, for most people, it isn't feasible to play every single game they want to. This could be because it is too expensive, or they cannot locate the game because it is no longer circulating. Thankfully, there is a way people can still enjoy these games. It is called Let’s Play videos. If you are interested in helping people enjoy video games in a different format, read the guide below to create a Let’s Play video.

What are Let's Play videos?

A Let’s Play video is often found on YouTube, where a random person plays through a video game and records themselves doing so. This could be computer games or any console games like Nintendo or PlayStation. The person in the recording will play through the entire game. Depending on the person recording the video, they may talk more or less during the run-through. Some Let’s Play people will read through any dialogue that crops up, and some will not. You may also hear people verbally reacting to what is happening in the game. It is an immersive experience that will let you enjoy the game in a different format than you actually playing it.

Let's Play video capture software

Depending on whether or not you are recording a console game or a computer game, you will need different equipment. If you choose to go the console route, you will need to buy a capture card and any additional equipment you need. This could include a headset so that you can capture your voice speaking. You will also want to be close to your speakers to make sure the headset picks up the audio from the game. A popular capture card is the Dazzle DVD 100. This is good for anyone who isn't recording in HD or for newbies looking for something cheap.

If you are going to do a computer game, you can use Roxio's video software to capture your Let’s Play video. This software has video capture ability, the ability to edit your video, and many other features.

How to edit Let’s Play videos

Once you have created your first Let’s Play video, it is time to do some editing. Perhaps you recorded multiple different versions of parts of the play through by going back to a previous save file. This means you will need to find the correct version you want and splice it into the rest of the video recording. You can do this as much as you need to, using Roxio's video editing software. Along with putting the different pieces of your video together, you can also do edits like cutting off parts of the video or adjusting brightness. Finally, you can convert your video to whatever file format you need it to be in.


There are many video games out in the world right now. However, it isn't feasible for everyone to buy and play every single game they want to play for multiple reasons. This is where a Let’s Play video comes into the situation. You can go online and watch a random person playing a Let’s Play video of whatever game you want to see. This person will record themselves playing through a game and will sometimes even make commentary as they are going through. 

In order to create a Let’s Play video, you will need equipment. To record a console game, you will need a capture card and a headset. If you go the computer game route, you can use Roxio's video capture software. Once you have gone through the whole game, you can use Roxio's video editor to shape your recording into the final video you want to publish.

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