How to Make a Demo Video

Instructions are a part of just about any piece of technology, but who has time to read through the novel-length booklet they shove in the box? When someone doesn't understand how to use something, they search for a demo video online. The people who make these videos might be experts in how to use what they demo, but they wouldn't be getting anywhere if they didn't know how to make a good video.

Let's take a look at how to make a demo video so that you can properly demo a product and teach others how to use it.

How to make a demo video

Making a demo video isn't as simple as throwing a product in front of a camera and hitting record. A lot of effort and planning goes into creating each video, so there's a few things you should have figured out before you start filming. Here are some major points to hit on to prepare yourself for making the best video you can make.

Understanding demo videos

A key part of making an effective demo video is understanding the purpose of the video. Not all demos are made for the same reason. Are you previewing the entirety of a single product? Just certain features? Is it also a review? Nail down these factors to create a clearer and more concise video that helps more people.

Break into sections

Rambling for 20 minutes about a product isn't likely to make someone want to use it. To help improve the flow and focus of your demo video, break it up. It also makes it easier for people to digest the information they're taking in, meaning your videos will be more useful to people overall. Define certain points to go over at different times in the video, preferably punctuated by titles or chapters to help better organize the contents. The same goes for written guides, as you can see here.

Highlight what's important

Figuring out what, specifically, you need to talk about is a key to creating an effective demo video. Depending on how specific your demo video is, you might leave out a ton of things about the product in question. That's okay, since these other features aren't what people are watching the video for. That also gives you plenty of material for future videos. In short, summarize the most important points and use those.

Demo video maker

Once you've gotten your planning out of the way, shooting the video comes next. As a demo video maker, you'll want to keep some things in mind as you shoot to create the best product demo possible.

Good filmmaking

No matter how good the information in a video might be, most people will click off of it if it doesn't look or sound very good. High production values create trust in the viewer and make your information come across clearer.

Know your camera

Understanding the camera you plan to use for your video is just as important as understanding what the video will be about. If you've never worked with the camera you plan to use, take the time to figure out what it can do. Even if some of its features don't turn out to be needed for this shoot, it's still good to know all it's capable of, both for the future and to solve problems that might come up during filming.

Try learning about these filmmaking basics to improve the quality of your demo videos:

  • Frame Rate
  • Field of View (FOV)
  • Stabilization
  • Color Correction


No matter how well you shoot something, it won't matter unless you can properly edit the footage. Video editing is hard work, so either start learning or get someone experienced to help you out. Programs like Roxio can make the process a lot easier, but understanding how things are shot and the various effects you can add will make all the difference.

In summary

Creating demo videos isn't always simple, but it is rewarding. Remember the points we touched on in this guide to make a product demo video like you've never seen before.

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