4K Video Editor: Choosing the Best 4K Video Editor

Most people know the three magic words when it comes to filming — lights, camera, action. However, it isn't as simple as it looks, and bringing these videos to life requires lots of behind-the-scenes work. For starters, video editing is an integral step just like the actual filming process.

Creating the final product will come down to your 4K video editor for Windows. Therefore, it will help to find the best 4K video editor that can handle the task. You don't want to finish filming your next production only to have no way of bringing together all the sequences and scenes. Luckily, here is everything you need to know about choosing the best 4K video editor for Windows.

What is a 4K video editor?

Once you finish the filming process, you will need to edit your video before presenting it to an audience. However, you will quickly learn that the only way to trim your film is through a video editor. Editing your videos helps you manipulate shots, thus creating a suitable structure. The video will be more presentable in different ways — including films, YouTube clips, advertisements, and shows.

Trimming your video starts with investing in an excellent 4K video editor. You will find it easier to set starting points and stopping points when combining various clips. The 4K video editor software lets you quickly edit, align final versions, and share your content.

What to look for in 4K video software?

Do not go for the first option that comes your way when choosing the best 4K video editor. It will help to conduct a bit of research to ensure you find the most suitable software for your project. The best 4K video editor will let you carry out various functions that help enhance and complete your video — such as color adjustment, adding graphic overlays, and utilizing effects. This is why you have to consider the following characteristics when looking for the best 4K video software.

System Requirements

You cannot escape the fact that your PC system specs will have a massive impact when choosing a suitable 4K video editor. For starters, 4K videos will impact your CPU and RAM because they are rather large. Usually, it will help to have at least an Intel Core i3 system with 8GB RAM when editing 4K videos on your PC.

However, 4K video editing can still be a problem when your computer exceeds the minimum requirements. Usually, it is because the 4K video editor you are using has a much higher system requirement. Therefore, it is only practical to find a 4K video software with lower system requirements to get the most from the program.

Additional Features

Did you know that finding an all-in-one 4K video software will help you save a lot of storage space on your PC? Understand that you will not have to install additional software to complement your current 4K video editor. Equally, you will not need to waste lots of precious time exporting and importing videos through different software.

You will also need video effects when creating an excellent video. Having a 4K video editor with multiple effects will come in handy during your next project. Ensure you also consider the multiple-output formats feature because it lets you share your video on multiple social media platforms.

Ease of Use

Professional 4K video software includes powerful features and numerous configurations that can be rather technical. Therefore, it may take you months of studying to effectively use a piece of software with a complicated user interface.

Finding a lightweight 4K video editor with a user-friendly interface, on the other hand, will have you creating awe-inspiring content within a few minutes. Beginners will also find it easier to create stunning 4K videos due to the compact installation size that doesn't cause a further burden on the computer. Whether to use a lightweight or professional 4K video editor comes down to personal preference and experience.


Although you can always make the most of free 4K video editors, most of them don't bring a seamless workflow experience. The priced 4K video editors for Windows are more functional with better performance, making them an excellent alternative.

However, it doesn't mean that you have to spend a fortune to find the best 4K video editor. Ensure you find fairly-priced 4K video software that fits within your budget. It will also help to download and try out the free versions first before making a purchase.

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