Roxio Unveils PhotoShow for Camera Manufacturers; Enriches the Out-of-Box Experience

Also Introduces New Photo Creativity Solution for Photo Kiosk Retail Market

Anaheim, California, PMA 2010 (February 18, 2010) - Roxio®, a division of Sonic Solutions® (NASDAQ: SNIC), today announced the availability of a range of solutions for the photo imaging market that are based on Roxio PhotoShow™, the company's popular platform for creating and sharing engaging and highly personalized slideshows. For camera manufacturers looking to add tremendous out-of-the-box value, Roxio unveiled PhotoShow Express, a multi-language client software application that enables consumers to quickly and effortlessly compose uniquely customized photo presentations complete with transitions, effects, animations, and a professional music track. PhotoShow Express is also available as an SDK, for custom integration into a partner's client application.

In addition, Roxio introduced a PhotoShow digital camera API (application programming interface) which enables the direct transfer of photos from the camera to where they can be preserved, shared, or used in the creation of multimedia slideshows. The Roxio PhotoShow Express client application and API, as well as a program overview that includes details about innovative revenue-share opportunities, are now available for evaluation.

"For well over a decade, Roxio applications have helped millions of consumers be more creative with their personal digital media," said Matt DiMaria, executive vice president and general manager, Roxio. "We are now extending these capabilities with a new line of solutions that are specifically designed to help companies in the photo imaging sector add tremendous value to their product offerings, increase overall customer experience, and drive new revenue streams."

Roxio has also introduced a PhotoShow software development kit (SDK) aimed at the rapidly expanding retail photo kiosk market. The Roxio PhotoShow SDK, which can be quickly integrated into retail photofinishing kiosks, enables retailers to drive a higher return on investment and improve gross margins. The Roxio PhotoShow SDK allows kiosk users to produce one-of-a-kind slideshow DVDs in minutes that can be viewed on the PC or on a TV via a set-top DVD player and serve as ideal gifts or as cherished family keepsakes.

The Roxio PhotoShow capabilities will be available later this quarter as part of Lucidiom's Automated Photo Machine (APM) kiosks. Lucidiom is the leading provider of social expression imaging solutions with more than 58,000 APM photo kiosks in use worldwide.

"Lucidiom has been a pioneer in the development of brand-independent digital photofinishing systems that enable retailers to develop in-store revenue streams beyond standard prints," said Lucidiom President Steve Giordano, Jr. "Partnering with Roxio enables us to further extend the features of our Lucidiom EQ with capabilities that empower consumers to express themselves through images while at the same time helping expand photo merchandise opportunities for our partners."

For more information on Roxio's line of solutions for the digital imaging industry or to schedule an appointment during the Photo Marketing Association International Convention and Tradeshow, taking place in Anaheim, California, February 21-23, contact:

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