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Toast 8 Titanium Version History

The following list details the version history for all Toast 8 Titanium updates.

Toast 8 Titanium v8.0.5:

  • Resolves compatibility issues with newer MacBook and MacBook Pro models

Toast 8 Titanium v8.0.4:

  • Resolves issue where EyeTV recordings were not visible in Media Browser
  • Resolves a number of TiVo related audio/video sync issues

DiscCatalogMaker v4.2.3

  • Resolves a potential crash situation on Leopard


Toast 8 Titanium v8.0.3:

  • Resolves issue where Music DVD projects created on Leopard were of poor quality
  • Resolves issue where selected video quality options were not always honored
  • Error 9011 will no longer occur when burning DVD with MPEG-2 and PCM audio
  • Error -2009 will no longer occur when using PCM pass through audio
  • Enabling “Optimize on-the-fly” will no longer result in error -35 in Custom Hybrid and Mac Volume projects
  • Various Leopard related cosmetic issues have been corrected
  • TiVo recordings created after TiVo’s Fall 2007 DVR update will no longer cause the application to hang  during encoding

TiVo Transfer v1.1.1:

  • Resolves issue that may result in failed transfer of recording from DVR
  • TiVo recordings will be displayed with correct metadata

Toast Video Player v1.0.2:

  • TiVo HD recordings now play back at correct speed 

Motion Pictures v2.1.4:

  • Resolves compatibility issues with QuickTime 7.2 and 7.3

CD Spin Doctor v4.0.2:

  • Resolves issue where audio preview would hang application on Leopard
  • CDSD Recorder Widget display now appears correct on Leopard


Toast 8 Titanium v8.0.1:

  • DivX encoder has been updated to version 6.4
  • Resolves a number of issues related to audio playback within Toast
  • Resolves an issue where save options are available while the encoding
    sheet is visible
  • Resolves a potential crash situation with multiple disc images mounted
  • Correct disc number is now always shown when reburning a failed disc in a
    spanned set
  • Some error messages have been updated to provide additional details
  • Resolves an issue which limited audio crossfade to 20 seconds
  • ToastAnywhere now correctly works with Audio projects
  • Cosmetic issue relating to fades icon has been corrected
  • Make changes to Effects will now prompt users to save project before
    exiting Toast
  • Media Browser preview will now stop automatically when saving a disc image
  • Improved accuracy of displayed recording speed
  • Resolves an issue where a disc is ejected after extracting audio tracks
  • Photo Discs created on Japanese language OS will now function properly in
  • Helvetica font being disabled will no longer cause Toast to crash
  • Saved audio projects from Toast 7 will now open correctly
  • Menu title now appears correctly in preview for video projects
  • Resolves an issue related to closed captions not being available for
    selection in Toast Video Player
  • Write session option is now preserved correctly
  • Resolves a potential crash situation when selecting TiVo in the Media
  • Index points are now always correctly burned in CD audio projects
  • Resolved an issue where Peak Regions or Split-Regions in some audio files
    are not recognized
  • Toast will now correctly display the date a TiVo show was recorded if no
    metadata is present
  • Cosmetic changes to mouse-over tooltip which appears in Media Browser for
    TiVo shows
  • Resolves issue related to using assets in the Roxio Converted Items folder
  • Audio CD length is now correctly updated with applying crossfade or trim
  • Resolves an issue related to opening some saved audio projects with
    effects applied
  • Toast now correctly displays when lead-in is being written for audio CDs
  • Resolves an issue where some tracks from CD Spin Doctor may not transfer
  • Removing crossfades will no longer reset pause to 2 seconds if no gap is
  • Resolves an issue related to burning an ISO 9660 format disc image
  • Improvements to estimated size calculation for video projects

TiVo Transfer v1.0.1

  • Resolves an issue where some users are unable to launch Tivo Transfer

CD Spin Doctor v4.0.1

  • Updated localization for some languages

Disc Cover RE 1.3.3

  • Updated localization for some languages

Disc Catalog Maker 4.2.1

  • Resolves an issue where sizes and modified dates of nested folders were
    not always cataloged correctly