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Replacement Disk

Retail Purchased Software

If you are reading this prior to needing a replacement disc, Roxio encourages you to make a backup of your software. Instructions on creating a backup can be found clicking here.

If you have received an incomplete or damaged package from an authorized Roxio reseller, please return the package to the vendor for an exchange.
If you have lost or damaged your original Roxio program disc, Roxio is unable to provide you with a replacement disc.

OEM or Bundled Software

  • If your Roxio product was bundled with or preloaded on your computer, you will need to contact the computer manufacturer for questions regarding software replacement.
  • If your Roxio product was bundled as part of a hardware purchase (such as a CD/DVD drive), you will need to contact the hardware vendor for any questions regarding software replacement.
  • Roxio Customer Service does not have access to versions of our software that may have been bundled with a third party product and can not assist in providing replacement discs for these versions.