Important information for Nero customers who purchased PhotoShow

Effective May 26, 2009, Nero will no longer be providing online PhotoShow services.

Your Nero PhotoShow software will no longer be able to share online and you will need to make certain changes with respect to your account. So what does this mean for you? Nero PhotoShow Basic usersYou have a Basic account if:

  • You created a Nero Premium PhotoShow Deluxe account and your subscription has expired.
  • You created an account through a Nero PhotoShow Express product and have not upgraded to Premium service.

To continue to be able to access your account and share online, you must upgrade to Premium service.  You may upgrade through one of the following links:

Special offer for expired Nero PhotoShow Deluxe customers

Special offer for basic Nero PhotoShow Express users


After upgrading, you can download and install Roxio PhotoShow 5 from your account page. It has all the same features as the Nero version and will work with all your existing shows.

After May 26, you may also go to and create a new PhotoShow account by signing in using your existing login name and password. Any content stored under your previous account will automatically be transferred to your new account.


Nero PhotoShow Premium users

If you purchased Nero PhotoShow Deluxe and created an account within the last year, you have a “Premium” account.  Your premium membership will continue without additional charge through your expiration date. To ensure uninterrupted sharing using the PhotoShow desktop software, you will need to download and install the Roxio PhotoShow software install the updated Roxio PhotoShow 5 software available on your account page  before May 26, 2009. Roxio PhotoShow 5 has all the same features as the Nero version and will work with all your existing PhotoShows. Learn how to download it here.

About DVD Burning 

If you have previously burned a DVD in your Nero PhotoShow Deluxe software, you will be able to continue using this feature. However, if you have not previously burned a DVD, or are installing the software on a new computer or onto a new copy of Windows on the same computer, the DVD burning feature cannot be activated. In this case, we recommend using the Roxio PhotoShow 5 software.  PhotoShow Premium users can choose to download PhotoShow 5 by following the instructions in the article How to re-download PhotoShow Desktop Software.


For purchasers of Nero PhotoShow after May 26, 2009

Users of Nero PhotoShow will be unable to create an online account after May 26, 2009. Please contact your vendor or Nero regarding this issue.