Roxio Game Capture
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Roxio Game Capture

Capture, Edit and Share your Xbox 360 & PS3 Gameplay

  • Hardware & software solution that lets you capture real-time Xbox 360 & PS3 gameplay to your PC
  • Perfect for bragging rights, posting your own game reviews, or even creating your very own machinima

Your Price: $99.99


"Roxio may have just answered our prayers on this one."

gamerfront, March 2011

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"For gamers looking for an easy plug and play solution for capturing and editing their video in one place, Roxio's Game Capture solution is worth a look..."

Galaxy Next Door, 2011

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"Looking to record some of your marathon Call of Duty sessions for posterity and (potential) internet fame? Then you likely won't find a much cheaper or easier solution than Roxio's new Game Capture device."

Engadget, March 2011

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Venture Beat

"The Rovi product recognizes the fact that gaming is social and that sharing your achievements in a game with your friends can be as fun as actually playing it."

GamesBeat, March 2011

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"In the past these options have been fairly limited but with the new Roxio Game Capture, you'll be open to a new world of gaming videos.", March 2011

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UGR Gaming

"...the Roxio game capture is a great product, if you are looking to record your gameplay for videos and such. We definitely will be using it for our future videos and reviews. FINAL SCORE: 5/5"

UGR Gaming, April 2012

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Gamers Daily News"This is a great hardware and software combo if you're looking to get into the world of online video and sharing your console gameplay."

Gamers Daily News, April 2011

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"Also, the fact everything is streamlined and included in the package makes it very attractive."

GAMEDYNAMO, March 2011

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Rolling Stone

"Recording epic Madden NFL or Call of Duty gameplay videos is suddenly a possibility with Roxio's $99.99 Game Capture device for consoles, which lets you readily create and archive movie clips for online upload."

Rolling Stone, March 2011

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The First Hour

"It's a good choice for those who just want to boast their kill streaks and combos on YouTube or enjoy making Let's Play videos."

The First Hour, April 2011

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Old School Junkie

"If you want to capture your game play habits and share them on YouTube, Facebook or any other video sharing site then get the Roxio Game Capture device; it's well worth the investment."

Old School Junkie, March 2011

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