Corporate Identity Guidelines

Roxio's identity is essential for promoting, maintaining and protecting the equity and value of our brand. Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with these guidelines before using any assets. Our goal, with your help, is to build a consistent, strong and distinct identity for Roxio products and services.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions or need any assistance.

Roxio Brand Logotype Usage

The most important visual element in communicating the Roxio brand is our logo. Its continued effectiveness depends on proper and consistent use whenever it appears. Please follow these guidelines to preserve its consistency and proper use.

Logo clear space and minimum size

Clear Space

The Roxio logo is most effective when surrounded by the proper amount of open space. On printed applications, this clear space should be at least 1.0x ("x" equals the height of the logotype letters), as shown here. For online applications, clear space may be reduced.

Minimum Size

To ensure high-quality reproduction, the Roxio logo should never appear smaller than 0.5 inch (12 mm) wide in any print application. For online application, the logo should never be smaller than 55 pixels wide.

Registered trademark symbol ®

The Roxio logo must always be used with the registered trademark symbol. The size of the symbol should be adjusted up or down depending on the finished size of the logo.

Logo Color

Color Primary

Roxio Red is used for the Roxio logo and some secondary elements. The ideal background for the logo is white; avoid complicated backgrounds that compete with the logo or reduce its legibility. If the Roxio logo is superimposed on or dropped out of a photograph, it should always be placed on an area that has a consistent background and sufficient contrast.

Incorrect logo use

These examples show instances of usage that would be considered incorrect. In general the Roxio logo should not be used as part of any design element or pattern. It should never be rearranged, rotated, cropped, or have the "®" symbol moved or omitted. When reproducing the Roxio logo in any application, always use the electronic artwork provided.

No legacy logos
Use only the latest version of the Roxio logo
No aternative colors
Do not change the color to anything other than the specified color palette
No outlined logos
Do not outline or add fill colors
No additions or modifers
Do not add any other logos or logotypes to the Roxio logo
No logotype modifications
Do not modify the basic form of the logotype in anyway
No special effects
Do not apply any effects such as drop shadows, glows or 3D surfaces

Logo Downloads

Roxio Logos

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Roxio Brand Identity Guidelines

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