Roxio Restores PCs Infected by Nimda

GoBack 3 Deluxe Effective Against W32/Nimda @MM

Milpitas, Calif, September 21, 2001 - Roxio, Inc. (Nasdaq:ROXI), Roxio, Inc. (Nasdaq:ROXI), The Digital Media Company and maker of the #1 selling system recovery software, today announced that if installed before a PC is infected, GoBack 3 Deluxe is able to instantly restore your PC in the event of a system crash caused by the Nimda virus.

"The power of GoBack allows a user to revert their entire hard drive to exactly the way it was before the virus was activated," explains Tom Shea, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Roxio, Inc. "Thus, a user can recover damaged data-and do it within seconds-saving valuable time and money."

GoBack has been successful in restoring PCs and maintaining productivity for users affected by the devastating Melissa and ILOVEYOU viruses, as well as the recent SirCam worm. Additionally, GoBack is now accessible to more users than ever. On September 17, 2001 Roxio announced RoxioLicense Now! a volume license program that makes it convenient for corporations and educational institutions to acquire and maintain GoBack on numerous PCs.

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