Benefits of Roxio's Volume Licensing Program

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Designed specifically to meet the needs of business, government organizations, educational and charitable organizations; Roxio's Volume Licensing Program offers the cost effective way to purchase and standardize on Roxio software products with convenient and legal installation on multiple computers.

Roxio Volume Licensing Program offers:

  • Flexible Licensing Options (Single Enterprise License or Departmental License)
  • Low Entry Cost
  • Single License to Manage
  • Customizable (install switches)
  • Scalable to Meet Your Needs
  • Multi Platform (Independent)
  • Simple Network Deployment (SMS)
  • 10 Years of Expertise in Digital Media Software

Upgrade Assurance

Roxio delivers OS compliance and supports the next generation peripherals, today:

Because multimedia technology and the IT environment changes and improves constantly, new OS (Windows Vista or Mac Leopard), new media (Blu-ray DVD / HD DVD) and new multimedia formats, it is essential that you protect your initial investment with the upgrade assurance included in our premium maintenance package.

Premium Technical Support

Get FREE upgrades*, including version changes, plus:

  • Priority email support service
  • Access to the support knowledgebase
  • Dedicated FTP site for downloading updates
  • Includes version flexibility (upgrade AND downgrade)

Please note that we do not offer upgrade prices: *upgrade is only possible with the Roxio maintenance program.

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